Affenberg Salem

Over 200 Barbary apes just as in the wild. Get for free to Unteruhldingen by the ferry, then free shuttle bus to Salem and free entrance to the park with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.


A historic, Bavarian town, build on an island, with one of the most beautiful harbours of Lake Constance. Get a free guided city-tour and a free boat trip with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.

Flower island Maina

Numerous plant species, the most popular destination at Lake Constance. Special attractions such as the butterfly- and palm tree house, changing exhibitions in the castle. Get a free boat trip and reduced entrance tickets to the island with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.


The romantic old town of Meersburg with a medieval castle, and the majestically situated manor over the lake. Free to reach by ship with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.


Open-air museum with reconstructed towns from the Stone- and Bronze Age. A free boat trip and free entrance with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.

Pfänder next to Bregenz

Pfänder-Panoramabahn (panoramic cable car at the Pfänder Mountain) with the most beautiful view from a mountain (1.064 m), a wildlife park, eagle observatory, “Pfänderbahn” museum, panoramic restaurant and many hiking trails. A free boat trip and free use of the Pfänder cable car with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.

Säntis cable cars

Säntis-Panoramabahn (panoramic cable car) on the summit of the Swiss Säntis Mountain (2.502 m), the highest mountain with a view at Lake Constance. An impressive view over the Alps and over Lake Constance. Inexpensive bus trips to the Säntis Mountain can be booked at the tourist-information. Free use of the Säntis cable car with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte"

Sea-Life Konstanz

A journey from the spring in the mountains to the depths of the sea. A free boat trip and free entrance with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.

The "White Fleet"

Passenger ships to all important destinations at the international Lake Constance. Sunny decks, comfortable rooms and good gastronomy. Free travelling on all passenger ships with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.

Link to the shipping companies at Lake Constance

Zeppelin museum Friedrichshafen

The biggest exhibition worldwide on the history of airships and significant art exhibitions. A free boat trip and free entrance with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.

Ravensburger Spieleland and Minimundus

Ravensburger Spieleland and the next door situated Minimundus theme park offer a great experience and a lot of fun for the entire family. You will have free entrance to Minimundus with the “Bodensee-Erlebniskarte”.