Play house

Playing to the heart’s content

The more than 100 years old, small signal man house at the Seestraße has had a very sad fate for a couple of years. However, in 2007 it has been revived as a play house for children and a meeting point for adults. For decades the house served as a residential building to the pointsman and his family. In addition to that, the house contained a small outbuilding with a goat stable and a haystack. The big garden provided the entire family with vegetables and fruit, because at the time the railway officials were so to say self-supporting.

As a small colourful play house, it now should serve the children of Kressbronn, but also the children who are on holidays, particularly when it rains. Parents who want to meet up with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake are always welcome too. A barbeque area in the garden is, on a good weather day, the perfect meeting point for young and old. The guest card of Meldeschein really pays off for the guests at Kressbronn, because it provides free entrance for the children and parents. Please ask your host about it!