Museum for "Historic Ship Models"

Swimming pieces of art

A must for every lover of historic ship models is the museum in the Schlössle. The in 1829 built Schlössle is only a few minutes away from the lake, situated in the idyllic Schlössle Park. The “swimming pieces of art” of the local artist and boat constructor Ivan Trtanj can be viewed during the summer months in the newly renovated rooms on the first floor.

Ivan Trtanj has completed a grand collection of true to original and very detailed show-ships during his 35-year experience in manual high precision work. By using the original plans from European museums and archives he constructed, with great effort and high precision work, the 15 ship models of the exhibition. The amusement ships and the prestigious barques of the European royal families of the baroque and rococo periods are the favourites of the artist Trtanj.The true to original replicas show the life of a ship crew and the therewith transported peers of that age. Amongst the ship models are ships such as the Bounty, the legendary English frigate of 1784, on which the famous mutiny took place. Also models of the Lake Constance freighter Segner and the Schebecke, a three-master from the Mediterranean area.