Farmstead Milz

Former farmers- and mayor’s farmyard

Farmstead Milz offers an undisguised view into the past and into the development of agriculture in the north-eastern region of Lake Constance.
A farmstead which is typical for the region has been completely preserved on its original location in the centre of the village. For years, the city of Kressbronn as its owner and a non-profit association have been taking care of the preservation and recovery of this valuable monument for the farmer’s culture.

The history of the farmstead takes us about 1200 years back to the start of the village’s history, at times when the monastery of St. Gallen gained possession in Retterschen. Today, four buildings built in three different centuries, form an impressive ensemble: main house (1855/75) with housing spaces and stables, barn (1717), depot (1803) and bakery (1705). In 1855, the mayor at the time constructed the housing spaces and equipped them with an office in which the municipal administration seated until 1870.
Farmstead Mitz makes it possible to gain an exceptional insight in the past. The nowadays rare traditional architectural style which was common in the rural areas has been preserved here. The farmstead documents the different uses of the buildings and rooms and the structural changes of the agriculture at Lake Constance. The well preserved equipment reminds us at the daily life and work of the inhabitants.

Farmstead Milz offers only guided visits. These take place only once a month on a Saturday afternoon. The participants will be offered coffee, home-made cake and beverages. The dates of these guides and of special events (hiking days, children promotion days, farmer’s festival, and open house of the monument) are available in the current event calendar of the tourist-information in Kressbronn. On registration, guided tours are possible for groups as well.