Farmer's path

The new farmer’s path

In 1997, the farmers of Kressbronn started the initiative “year of the farmer” together with the tourist-information. The goal was to give the people, of which mainly the tourists from the metropolitan areas, an understanding of the agriculture at Lake Constance with its products and functions. There have been court-parties, court visits, and farmer’s markets – the corn labyrinth, farmer’s pub and the Heuhotel came into existence by this exceptionally strong initiative.

To the 10th anniversary, the town of Kressbronn opened in 2007 the farmer’s path (“Bauernpfad”). It is an about 2.5 km long loop road which leads to a beautiful hilly area at the Straußner Halde, in the vicinity of Berg. At various stops, both adults and children can gather information on themes such as hops, wine, fruit, berries, the landscape and geology, forest and cattle- and dairy farming. Playground equipment to climb, smell and play on will motivate children to walk and to discover all kinds of new things. On the numerous benches, the hikers can enjoy a marvellous view on the lake and on the Swiss and Austrian Alps. When you arrive in Atlashofen, you can take a small detour through the corn labyrinth in Nitzenweiler. From there it is only 300 meters through the maze - which is opened from June until September. A rest stop at the farmer’s path is possible in Berg and in Nitzenweiler. The adventure brewery “Max & Moritz” and the strausses in Berg are looking forward to your visit.